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Operation Blessing

We may be a small company, but we want to make a difference.
For some time already I was brainstorming how can I help those in need. Then this whole Covid-19 unfolds. So I thought this is the perfect opportunity to start with our project operation blessing.


I've been searching and contacting the right people in the field to help us find 1 family with small children that are going through financial difficulties.


And I'm happy to say I've found that special Family. They are hardworking parents with 2 small kids but unfortunately both the mother and the father lost their job due to the Covid-19 crisis.


From this Monday April 20th we will be setting apart fl. 5.00 for each purchase of fl. 50.00 or more.

We ourselves will shop for this family from food to clothings (if needed) so they can survive in this difficult time.


The plan is to do the shopping monthly but because of the urgency now, we will do the first shopping in 2 weeks.

We will not reveal the identity of the Family (we want to respect their privacy) but we will surely will let you know when we deliver to the Family.


If you want to join and give extra for the family we will accept it. If you give fl. 25.00 or more I will make a special bracelet for you as a thank you for your kindness. (Will be posting the pic of the bracelet soon)
Also we will keep you informed on how the family are doing... so you also know that your donation made a difference.


In advance thank you for helping us making a difference in our community. Together we will rise again and be stronger then ever!! With lots of Love,

Rexa ❤

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