About Rexa

Founder & Designer of Rexa Bizou

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A timeless design aesthetic, refined craftsmanship and meaningful inspiration are at the center of the Rexa Bizou brand.

The company was founded in 2015, by designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani — born in Curaçao — after she followed the love of her life and now husband to start their new family life in Aruba.

Born July 18, 1982, Designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani was raised in a jewelry business environment, with her father being a jewelry store owner and goldsmith specialized in jewelry-making. Although she grew up around her father working his jewelry torches —  making jewelry pieces from start to finish — it wasn’t until he passed away when she was 25 years old that she identified and pursued a desire to continue his legacy. 

I want to use my talent to influence and inspire others with meaningful messages so that besides purchasing something beautiful for the eye, they also acquire something significant for the heart and soul

- Rekha Croes-Daryanani

Carrying on her fathers’ legacy, Rekha began her career as a Jewelry Designer in Aruba designing for Rexa Bizou - a handmade accessory line that carries both the designer’s casual line and her luxury line.

As an entrepreneur and graduated Graphic Designer, Rekha initially dedicated to her graphic design business, where she used to design digital brand products for corporate clients. A perfectly previous acquired expertise that helped her navigate successfully